Shaker Charitable Trust

The Charitable Trust was founded on September 18, 1968 by William R. Donnely, William C. Hartman, Joseph E. Heinen, Fred D. Kidder, Thomas A. Peter Jr. and Neil T. Ruddock.  The Trust was created to provide scholarships to employees of the club and their children to assist in their further education (technical school or college).  Contributions to the Trust come directly from our members.

The assets of the Trust were virtually depleted by 1982, however Howard and Katie Van den Eynden donated $100,000 to revitalize the program.  Since then, the Trust has awarded over 700 scholarship grants. Donald L. Mosher was instrumental in overseeing the Trust from 1982 through 2006 to ensure its continued growth.

Our current Trustees, Dave Moore, Chuck Abbey, Ted Goble, Brad Wheeler, Elane Better, Anita Lembach and Andrew Kawalek are continuing the tradition and growth of the scholarship program. Education is critical to the future strength of this nation.  The Trustees of the Charitable Trust and all Shaker Heights Country Club employees and their families are most grateful for your support helping to ensure the continued growth of the Shaker Charitable Trust.